MASADA Security Solutions Ltd.

Official representative of the israeli military industries. Masada Security Solutions is a specialist in consulting of military equipment and related services. We specialize in the product range of Israeli arms companies with a broad portfolio of products - tanks, fighting vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, conventional and special ammunition of all calibres, special gun accessories, military and cybernetic technology, all at the top technical level. In the portfolio of our services, you will also find professional military training, including specialization in the fields of police, border guards and others, in Israel, the Czech Republic or anywhere in the world.

Fields of activity

  • Security
    VIP Security, installation security, identification of suspicious person and objects, special event security planning, KRAV-MAGA, “Red on Blue” exercises, operational driving.
  • Counter-Terrorism
    prevention and response to terrorism, tactical shooting and training, close quarter combat (“KRAV-MAGA”), First-Aid and emergency care.
  • HLS
    terror event and disaster management, border patrol, crime scene, tackling of white collar, drug and fraud crimes, collaborative work with other agencies.
  • Special Projects
    special unit establishment, turnkey security solutions, C4I operations, K9 training, recruitment centres set-up and cyber security training.
  • Search & Rescue
    day and night search and rescue scenarios, structural collapse, rescue of trapped persons, operation under hazardous conditions.

Complete & Integrated HLS Solutions

  • Security: Civil Aviation, Maritime, Critical Infrastructure, Energy installations and pipelines, Mega events, border & border-crossing, VIP, Cyber.
  • Public Security: Counter-Terrorism, Safe & Smart Cities, Correctional Institutes, Public Order, CIT, Forensic.
  • MASADA Security solutions HLS Directorate offers integrated and complete solutions. As a turnkey solution provider, the HLS Directorate provides everything from the know-how, doctrine, methodology and training, to equipment and continuance support to governments, security agencies and corporations worldwide.

Integrated, Multilayer Solutions

  • Comprehensive: Multi-layered and Multidisciplinary
  • Efficient: Modular, affordable, rapidly implemented
  • Methodical: Modifying and applying proven doctrines
  • Integrative: Supply and integration of state of the art equipment
  • Professional: Training and qualifications, enhancing human-factor skills
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