• Security

    Whether it is guarding an event or securing official meeting of prime ministers, presidents and special VIPs, Masada has the experience and can supply either local guards or members of top Israeli special forces to keep anything and everyone safe.

MASADA Academy

MASADA Academy offers a wide range of accredited and non-accredited courses, training and special training, from courses for professional qualifications to adaptation and stress courses for secondary, higher vocational and higher education with a focus on basic military and police skills.

We provide, organize and conduct courses both in the Czech Republic and abroad, including specialized training in the training centers of the MASADA Academy in Israel.

Training in the Czech Republic is carried out by specialists and top experts on the issue. Our Czech team consists of current or former members of the armed forces and security forces, city police officers and other specialists.

In case of specific quality and expertise requirements, we can ensure the participation of Israeli instructors, such as Shlomi Michael, longtime commander of the Yamam Special Police Unit, Nir Regev, longtime head of the security department of Israeli international airports, who also served in EL AL, and many other professionals from around the world.

Qualified courses, training, coaching and counter-terrorism training

  • For police and other security forces:
    Immediate response to a terrorist attack, crime scene management, and crime and disaster management. Doctrine of border guarding, methodical procedures. Combating white collar crime, drugs and fraud. Cooperation between security and intelligence services.
  • Professional Courses:
    Accredited Professional, Guardian, Trainee and Supervisor Professional Qualifications center.

    Adaptation and stress courses for secondary, higher vocational and higher education with a focus on basic military and police skills. Mine danger, camouflage, individual movement in the field, emergency navigation, survival in extreme conditions, the fight against terrorism and booby-trapped explosive systems. The course includes physical training, endurance running, self-defense, removal techniques, handcuffs, close combat and shooting training. Soft target protection, profiling and security analysis courses.
  • Counterterrorism measures:
    Counter-terrorism doctrine, terrorist response, tactical shooting and training, short-range combat (Close Quarters Battle & quot; KRAV MAGA & quot;), first aid organization and its provision, mountaineering, precision shooting and more.
  • V.I.P .: Protection
    tactical shooting, close-quarters combat ("KRAV MAGA"), identification of suspects and objects, security installations, special security event planning, group attack simulation (Red on Blue), etc.
  • Search and rescue:
    Day and night search and rescue scenarios, prevention and response to structural collapses, hostage rescue, operations in hazardous conditions (toxic gases, fire, water, etc.) , methods and procedures for coping with stressful situations.
  • Crisis management:
    Protect soft targets. Emergency risk assessment, emergency preparedness and crisis management, critical national infrastructures, urban and corporate security, public transport safety, transport logistics, loss prevention planning.

Special projects and consulting

MASADA Academy offers a wide range of special projects and consulting services, tailor-made to meet specific customer requirements. The range of services includes conceptual, methodological and practical design of the establishment and training of special military, police and security units, facilities and academies, turnkey programs and vulnerability assessment.

Advantages: Turnkey security solutions, C4I operational capabilities, operational driving, K9 training, recruitment centers, security academy.

Why choose MASADA Academy?

MASADA The Academy for Advanced Security and Counter-Terrorism Training is a provider of accredited and non-accredited courses, training and coaching for governmental and non-governmental organizations. It is a leading provider of integrated solutions for government agencies, police, security, military and commercial customers worldwide.

MASADA The Academy draws on its deep knowledge of Israel's security environment. Modern equipment, highly experienced instructors and a wide range of courses and seminars make it a model organization in the field of security education.

Training: V.I.P. security, Counter-terrorism measures, Search and rescue, Security information, Crisis management for police and security forces.

Equipment: Own shooting range, Krav Maga training areas, intervention training equipment, search and rescue training facilities, lecture halls and classrooms, accommodation.

Services: Special projects, turnkey courses in the Czech Republic and abroad, consulting.

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